A rewilding Journey into creating Art with the Earth

Awakening your Totality & Arousing your

Creative Expression.

Join us!

12 day Tantra, Art & Earth Immersion

11-22nd December

InanItah Fire Season

Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua



Art can change the way we see the world

Are you searching for new ways to live, create and connect?

Do you want to evolve yourself, evolve the planet?

Bring light and awareness to this ever-maddening world? 

Come and join us on this journey!

Our Offering

In a world gone mad, this is your opportunity to rewild and reawaken your native call to create beauty!

While each of us longs for authentic connection and self-expression, we rarely dedicate the time and space to create from an innocent, liberated, and playful place. This retreat is an opportunity to spark our Eros, free our artistic expression, and deepen our connection to nature. By coming together with this intent, we will experience and contribute to the transformational potential of uniting life force energy, artistry, and the earth. 

On this 10-day journey, we rediscover the spirit of vulnerability, creativity, and raw wildness. We will move through enlivening practices such as tantric breathwork, dance movement therapy, and individual and group sculpture projects. We will tap in, charge up our life force energy, and use it as fuel for our artistic expression. 

Art will be our mirror: inspiring us to work with the deepest layers of our beings, reflecting to us the images of the self that no longer serves us, and bringing to light the profound insights needed for growth. Answering the questions: How do we want to show up in life, and what do we need to let go of to move forward in a free and empowered way?


At InanItah Fire Season, we will experience the jungle through all our senses: feeling the ground under our feet, hearing the wild howler monkeys; witnessing the alluring volcanoes; tasting the luscious fruits and vegetables; relishing in the taste and smell of island-grown cacao. . We will collect natural materials during our hikes for our eco-art creations. 

Held by the paradise island of Ometepe, nourished by her resources and the artistic ancestors of this land, we will work with natural materials such as cob, stone, wood and plants. This humbling and sacred experience revives lost traditions and offers deep healing to our nervous system. 

In our co-creative community, we will follow the principles of cooperation rather than competition, uniting to create one collaborative art piece that reflects the collective experience. We will join in caring for the earth and the people around us and share the earth's resources in love.

This retreat serves as a reminder that our life is an Art project; we are the creators of it and within it. Eros is the fuel for the creation, and the earth is the provider of the abundance we need... When we rekindle Eros, we clear a channel for joyful, authentic expression to ripple out in all aspects of our lives. 


The Retreat combines

-creating sculptures and Land art using natural materials only

-becoming face to face with yourself in your solo art project

-theoretical discussion on spiritual activism and the power of myth

-transformational tantric breathwork

-psychodynamic healing 

-learning natural  building techniques to apply in your art projects

-mixing cob (clay earth, sand, straw) to create natural Eco sculptures 

-learning how to mix natural paints 

-forming a sculptural group art project

-hikes in the forest to the waterfall

-practical communication and collaboration skills

-dance and movement therapy


-ancestral soul healing


-ritual and magic

-massage & healing touch

-group sharing circles

Sample day

06:00 - 08:30 morning embodiment and meditation practices

08:30-09:00 quiet nourishing breakfast & reflection

09:30-12:30 morning class

12:30-15:00 lunch break and personal time

15:00-18:00 afternoon class

19:00-20:00 dinner

20:30 occasional community time and evening activities

About the Facilitators

Gaia Ma

Gaia embodies aliveness and presence and serves the evolution of personal and planetary potential. by creating opportunities for inward and outward journeys of healing, learning, and creativity. Gaia’s raw and fiery nature inspires others to break through their conditioning, to find freedom, aliveness and meaning in  life.

Personal Evolution

Gaia is best known for her transparent and genuine approach. Gaia’s authenticity permits her to bring both keen perception and loving presence to her work. 

Gaia is the founder of The Tantric Way Process, a world-renowned personal and spiritual development process. In The Tantric Way process, Gaia creates a safe and intimate environment in which to shatter programmed patterns of the body mind and supports people to step into love and freedom. It’s been said that Gaia “Holds Space Like a Mother Fuc**r”

Gaia developed the Transformational Facilitator Training to train professionals in the art and meditation of holding space for others. The training teaches the attitudes and skills needed to create unique curriculums and support people to heal and grow.

Planetary Evolution

Gaia is the co-founder of InanItah, an earth-based spiritual community on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. InanItah is a tropical paradise. An intentional community where co-creators, visitors, and volunteers come together to care for the earth and for one another. As the director of the InanItah Fire Season, Gaia shares her dedication to regenerative living. During the InanItah Fires Season, Gaia organizes and assists in teaching Permaculture Design Certification courses alongside expert permaculture designers. 

Gaia is the founder of Kali Land, an eco-creatives community & residence focused on developing a culture of transformation through creative, movement, musical, digital and entrepreneurial arts.

Experience & Education

Gaia skillfully combines extensive training over 30 years in modalities such as Tantra, Yoga, Psychology, Systemic Constellation, Breathwork, Dance and Movement Therapy, and Trauma Healing with her diverse life experience as a community founder, entrepreneur, dancer, lover, natural builder, and permaculture designer.

Gaia has degrees in both Gender and Sexuality Studies and Economics from New York University. As well as certifications in Skydancing Tantra, Shamanic Healing, OSHO Therapy, Yoga Teaching, and Permaculture Design.


Instagram @gaiagasm @kalilandometepe

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Anna Kiesser

Anna is a tantric facilitator building bridges between tantric work, art, and the earth. She focuses on creating deep and transformative trauma-informed spaces for people to experience healing, empowerment, and the free expression of their true essence.

Her offerings are rooted in her lived, integrated, and embodied experiences interweaving Art Therapy, Bodywork, Breathwork, neo forms of Tantra, Life Coaching, Aqua Therapy, and Plant Medicine into a unique and personalized blend for her clients.

Before Anna shifted her path, her love and passion for the art of makeup, prosthetics, and masks were expressed by transforming actors and performers into different characters and creatures. This passion took her on adventures all around the world, working on Hollywood film sets like "Star Wars," "Wonder Woman 1984" and "The hunger games." While creating the external transformation of actors, Anna also supported them internally on a mental and emotional level for their performances, a large part of the profession that happens behind the scenes.
Through this work, Anna gained deep insights into the human psyche and the different masks people wear to fit into the roles of everyday life.

These collective experiences contributed to and formed Anna's desire to holistically work with people on the roots of their pain and blockages.

Anna devotes her love, passion, and creative energy to the transformation that happens inside us, the inner journey that can liberate and empower us in a way the outside world never could —interweaving her artistic background with healing modalities into Land-art, Eco-sculptures, and Mask workshop projects, using these mediums to accelerate the inner transformation.

Anna's fire drives her deep devotion and infinite inspiration to go on a journey with clients who feel a full body fu*k YESSS to clearing their path and living a fulfilled, liberated, passionate, and authentically embodied life.
Because life is a freakin' art project,
so one better learns how to use the tools!

Instagram @path.weavers

The Space

InanItah Fire Season is a consciously created, earth-based spiritual community and transformational living and learning center founded by Gaia Ma and inspired by the path of freedom and aliveness. Situated between fire and water, volcanoes, tucked against the hillside of Volcan Maderas on an incredibly biologically diverse 22 acres, it is a naturalists paradise.

The vision of InanItah is to raise spiritual and environmental consciousness and create space for individual and collective transformation.

To keep a rich community vibration, everyone involved in the InanItah Fire Season Community is required to participate in 3 weekly community meetings and 2 nurturing community contributions.

For more information visit the InanItah website

visit the InanItah website

Payment options

Early Bird

Tuition: 850 (includes all materials needed in classes)

Housing and Meals*: 28- 53/ Night (not included in Tuition)

An 450 non-refundable deposit holds your spot

*Offer ends when first 3 Early bird tickets are sold

Sign Up

Standart Ticket

Tuition: 950 (includes all materials needed in classes)

Housing and Meals*: 28- 53/ Night (not included in Tuition)

An 450 non-refundable deposit holds your spot

Discounts for LGBTIQ+, BIPOC, people with disabilities, Local Expats, Central American Nationals and InanItah Fire Season Volunteers who can not afford the full tuition. We invite you to apply for a scholarship.

Housing and Nourishment

Rented tent with bedding add $28/night 

Dormitory beds add $32/night. (1 person)

Glamping option add $36/night (singe occupancy) & $31/night (double occupancy)

Private cabins add $36 - 51 /night (single occupancy) & $31 - $39/night (double occupancy)
Inquire for availability.

We serve fresh locally-grown and produced, partially organic, vegan, and vegetarian meals focused on whole grains, legumes, seeds, greens, tropical fruits, and nuts.

All meals served are gluten-free.

For more information


Anna has a gift for creating containers of trust, care and clear communication. Her sexy invitations along with adept facilitation skills opened the door to explore parts of myself I’d been too scared to in the past. I’d encourage anyone with a curiosity to explore those parts of themselves to accept Anna’s invitation and step into the playground! 

- Andrew (Canada)

Anna’s event “The Dirty Playground” was like a portal into another dimension; one where the physical, spiritual, and sensual worlds collided into an ecstatic expression of euphoric connection. I experienced myself and others in a new way that felt (and tasted!) like bliss. Anna has a powerful ability to open the door to a safe container where one can truly feel seen, appreciated and empowered in their sensuality."

- Lee (USA)

"WILD WONDER" the retreat held by Anna and Àine was like a journey through my body where many memories are stored. And there at the deepest ground sits the clairvoyant, healing-feeling, and the autonomously capable, often buried under shadow aspects. We were allowed to uncover them together with our own hands from the dark pit - formed from clay and seeds; we sculpted our very own essence.

In retrospect, a strong belief in the power of my visions remained. The confidence in myself and my beauty, in my own initiative and self-determined ways. I feel openness, clarity, inspiration, curiosity, and a good portion of fun in playing.

In everyday life, I can better differentiate myself from my environment and formulate what I need. I find the whole world to be more sensual, more stimulating and simply delicious.

This sparks joy in me and my body and the desire to keep on exploring my eroticism.

- Janka (Germany)

This course has changed my life and how I see, feel and interact with the world. It has taught me about new layers of love ... one of those layers being loving myself. Gaia Ma is one of a kind and has a true gift. If you are ready for transformation in your life, if you are looking for your next step ... read about this and sit with the possibility of going to Guatemala a for 3 weeks and digging deep.

Without doubt one of the most powerful courses I've participated in! This course helped me see my gifts, step into my power, access my intuition and hold space from with much deeper presence.

- Dionie

This 21 day process is profound. Nearly a year later and I'm still integrating, growing and sinking deeper. If you're working towards a better, more authentic, fierce and bold YOU, I highly recommend The Tantric Way Series: 21-day Process (at Mahadevi Ashram). Gaia Ma is a teacher unlike any I've met, a badass woman with a deep heart wisdom.